Monday, 27 September 2010

Well here goes...Im a blogging newbie...

Bring, a full time mum my days are full of first....First time crawling, walking, talking, drawing on the walls :S Ive seen them all from my cheeky 2 year old...But today is a first for me, My first time of writing a Blog!! Really i should have been up with it and already have one of these but i guess you get left out of the real world loop when you have a baby and before you know it the world and his wife has a blog.

So you maybe be asking yourself why have i started a blog :) and if you having guessed from the title :P I'm Nikita-Marie and i accidentaly fell upon my new business on warm evening in July, my partner and i are getting married in May next year (Finally making an honest women of me) and i sat down and thought i could save a few pennies if i made my own stationery. So a trip to the local craft store was in order. A few days later one Saturday afternoon after 2 hours!! Yes 2 hours i came out of the Craft store armed with lots of creative bits and pieces and sat down with a glass of wine to begin. I made mock invites, menu cards, name card and thank you cards and before i knew it i was still up in the early hours. Going to bed with a massive smile of my achievements i remember how i have always enjoyed this kind of thing. I was always the child at school sitting at school painting my hands with glue (we've all done it haven't we?) working out what i could stick together to take home to my mum, she still has them all to this day a fur cone stuck to a stick with so much glitter it was like being in a snow dome every time someone picked it up, leave stuck to a face mask to look like and Indian the lists of these "classic" could go on forever. Ive always enjoyed making things, as a child i used to make my own hand-made Christmas and birthday cards and even when i didn't have time to make a card whatever the occasion i would buy a card for someone. People laugh at me saying i could write a card for any occasion and that's what i like to do. Sometime i think its nice to know that someone else has realised just how special a certain occasion is and what better way to say it than with a card. So with all this running round my head i thought wouldn't it be nice being a young stay at home mum, to do something for us as a family, Ive always wanted to have my own business and never found the right business to own and as if my magic i just stumbled across the perfect one.

Well the past few months have been like a whirlwind, i have made cards for friends and family and they were received brilliantly (although I'm hoping this isn't just cause there my friends or I'm in alot of trouble now) and now i have my own Facebook Page my likers are slowly building up and i have received two orders via the page going live so far. Its slow and steady but that's ok, who knows next year i could be competing with Mr Clinton's (Maybe a little optimistic but hey no hard in wishful positive thinking) I have so far mainly just be making cards, although would love to branch into Wedding Stationery as that is what got me where i am after all. :) I promote Hand-Made, these days there are to many cards said to be "personalised for you" but i don't see how having template you alter is made for you. That why all my cards are completely bespoke and hand-made by me at home. I use a computer as little as possible to bring back the real meaning of hand-made. Each card is made with love and care individually with you and your ideas in mind. :D

Well that's a little (maybe too much I'm not aware of an acceptable blog length :S ) from me and about my ideas, i hope you will enjoy following my journey as a new crafter who know where this will lead? I'm just enjoy the ride for now!!

Night xx

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