Thursday, 30 September 2010

Another day...Another blog

Ive been a busy little bee since my last post with my first order!! :) Such a thrill hearing myself say that! Ok so its my Sister-In-Law to be, but she only ordered once she saw the pictures on my Facebook Page so im guessing thats a good thing. :)

My first card was a 21st male birthday card for and as Sister-in-law put it "A raving Karate fan who competes for Great Britan" the next peice of information she tells me is she needs it in a weeks time....thank god we were communicatiing via email, because if she had seen the look on my face she would have been slightly worried...Where was I going to find something karate related in that amount of time, as i knew i had nothing to fit the bill...Cue eBay, thank the lord for this amazing website that gets me out of trouble at every oppertunity, the first thing that ever sold on eBay may have been a cornflake (true so ive heard) but it is now a vital life saving tool of mine that is listed in the top of my favourites. After an hour or so of trawling through pages of karate embellishment, toppers and die cuts (and maybe looking at a few other bits hehe) i came across the perfect little man in a karate outfit and a black belt. With one swift click i was putting in my details and it was on its way within 24 hours! (Pretty snappy for an order placed at 3pm)

Two days later postman is walking down the drive and im so excited to get said Karate man with a very cute face, i swing the door open and my lovely postman nearly lost the entire roads post as he jumped with fright.
"Waiting for something important love," was his responce once he has got himself back together.  Meanwhile J my son, comes running out to the door shouting At At (to me and you that is Pat Pat as in postman pat) while the postman stands and has a little chat with J, im tearing into a nice crisp brown package, Julie Andrews didnt get it wrong, Brown paper packages (Althought this one wasnt tied up with string) is certainly one of my favourite things. Finally after brown paper, and bubble wrap i prise out my new Die cut man with the karate outfit on with a grin on my face from ear to ear. " Was that your something important love," apperently just at that moment karma decided to make an appearance and get me back for scaring the poor postman mintues earlier. I nearly hit the ceiling as the postmans comment broke my little excited bubble. " Yes, i ordered it two days ago and so happy it arrived i can get on with my order now," From the look on the postmans face he wanted to know i showed him my little die-cast man. The postman raised his eyebrows at me and said "hmm sure it means more to you than me," And with that he said goodbye and off he went. J was left standing at the door for at least 5 mintues after it was shut saying ba ba at at (Bye Bye Postman Pat)

So finally J is in bed and i get 5 mintues to myself , B the other man in my life (fiance) was at work so i had the living room, and tv to myself and out comes all my art and craft stuff , i find my little Die-Cut man and indulge in the land of crafts for the next hour or so.....

Finaly after an 35mins (sooner than i thought) , and dead leg  my first card was finished and i stepped back to admire the work..I like it i thought, but as always i look myself off to the kitchen to re-fuel with a coffee, giving me the chance to walk away from my creating and then come back and take a fresh look something i have learnt is a very wize idea...On coming back and making a few tweeks i was happy. As always i took the photos and sent one to sister-in-law to make sure she was happy. Thankfully she was. And put it on the window sill for the glue to set. And here it is my first offical customer ordered card!! Im sure (if this goes well) there will be a time when i look back and think things were so basic in the beginning or think, i cant believe i didnt use this/that....but for now my first very happy!! 

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