Friday, 1 October 2010

Another rainy day....some more crafting moments...

Well wasn't today just miserable? Rain rain rain, but I secretly love days like these, the days where its 1pm in the afternoon and you have to have the lights and heating on because it’s so cold and dreary outside...Perfect crumpet and tea weather. :)

But even the miserable weather couldn't sadden me this morning as I woke to find a total of 53 fans on my
Facebook Page thought to the experienced business facebooker may not be a lot it was an achievement to me in a small 10 days. I promised my fans I would announce some special offers once at 50 likes, so that I did. Currently offering buy one card get one half price and a discount on already made Christmas cards...I'm hoping this will help me gain some interest in my work and get the ball rolling and if it doesn't I guess I will have to wait for the next 50 likes. I guess it’s all swings and roundabouts in this game. :)

But I do already have another order in hand that I had to tackle today and luckily due to my son’s unusual afternoon nap I was able to get cracking. I was asked to make a 50th Birthday card for one of my friends mums and the brief was, Pink glittery and butterfly's...But plain and simple. Not the easiest of briefs how can you make pink and glittery look simple...Well I love making cards like this, where I have to capture something particular that the customer wants (It was also important as being a friend she could do me favours reputation wise and I wanted to show her and her mum what I could do) but nevertheless I set to work. I managed to get hold of some lovely pink pearl card from my local market, which I have discovered is great for the little odds and ends, So I thought I would use this as a base, I then found amongst my scraps a lovely turquoise and white polka dot scrap piece which I though would come in just perfect, armed with my glittery 50 and my butterfly's I set to work. Strangely as much as I enjoy making the more girlie card, I really struggled with this one. I changed the places of the butterflies and the 50 several times before I was happy, and then I decided after I was happy-ish it wasn't good enough. I'm a bit particular when it comes to making my cards, I would never make something I wouldn't buy myself for someone else and I just didn't feel that way about this one. So I took a break...15 minutes later I returned and as if by magic I knew what i had to change to make it perfect( Amazing what a little break does) With a few tweaks and some re-arranging I was happy. I think I managed to fit the brief, so here it is my second order :) (below) I'm really pleased and I love the contacts in colour. So I sent over the pictures to my friend (What would we do without camera phones lol) who said it was just as she wanted it and was perfect for her mum. I was so pleased the fact it was an aged card made me think more about the receiver, she was more likely to keep a card like this which was for a special age to look back on (or is that just me who hordes stuff for a later date ?!?) so I knew I had to capture just how she would feel when she opened it something that would be as special as the day itself. Unfortunately not long after that just as the kettle had finished boiling J had woken up and, an end to my crafting session had arrived....

Having still got the crafting bug from my little unexpected afternoon stint, I decided I would crack out the art and craft stuff this evening, whist watching the latest with Alfie and Kat in Eastenders, and make some more demos for My Facebook Page. I also needed to make a card for J to give to his Grandad, as it is his birthday on Sunday.  So i indulged for the next hour. After doing a few samples (and catching up on the Footballers wives repeats) I had completed 2 demos and one Grandads birthday card, which I was pleased with. So exclusively I'm going to reveal them here first before they are on my facebook page. :)
Save the Date Demo

A Card for Grandad!

A demo Christmas Card

Well that be just about all crafted out for today...Hope you like cards above and don't forget you can find all of these pics and other cards i have done at
My Facebook Page. I'm off to London tomorrow (to get a heat magazine he he) and hopefully going to see if i can find any quirky bits and piece around Covent Garden i will report back if i do!! :)

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